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Look Before You Leap Cover

The show is called / or LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. The series is a combination of hyper-reality and adventure drama, tackling the Zeitgeist topic of the human consciousness.


The story itself is about a newly married couple, ERIC and AMY PERKINS, who discover new technology to go back and re-experience moments in their own past; or one of many past lives as we later discover.

However experiencing these moments is just the catalyst of our adventure; Eric will go beyond re-experiencing a moment, to completely take over and swap consciousness with his past re-incarnated life. That of KRISTOFF TOYLA a Russian Military Vice Admiral from 1916, who leaps Eric’s body in the present day London.


Attempting to wake Eric from his blackout, instead Amy discovers a very pissed off Russian who finds himself suddenly in new body and strange environment. Conversely in 1916, following the immediate shock by the new body he inhabits, Eric is amazed to discover he is in St Petersburg, Russia but is even more mystified when he realises the year. Trying to get a message to the future, Eric instinct is to journey to London. Although travelling to the UK is not going to be as easy; Europe is at war and a revolution is brewing in St. Petersburg. But Eric has the face of a Russian Vice Admiral and the knowledge of the next 100 years to help him through the unknown.


Meanwhile, in Eric’s body, Kirstoff soon finds himself disoriented and lost in 21st century London. Realising he is here for the long term he tries to fit in to modern day London by befriending a group of foreign labours. Absorbing information about the last hundred years online Kristoff quickly learns how to react to contemporary problems. However, with an attempted murder hanging over his head, he decides to get out of town and decides to go home to his mother… mother Russia, to find his family or his great grandson at best.


In an attempt to find her husband and restore normality, Amy ventures into the realm of the consciousness discovering her husband is not the only person to achieve a swap of consciousness. The Reed family –father JULIAN and teenage daughter MYLA have suddenly lost their matriarch PAMELA, who has just started a new job but has mysteriously disappeared.


Guided by an unsung hero looking to atone, IT engineer and whistle-blower SAMUEL SHAW, who works for a private healthcare institute, the Reeds will find and free who they think is their matriarch. However, whilst she may look like Pamela, she been exploited as a test subject for the private medical institute’s latest iteration of their Déjà vu technology and unfortunately, Pamela has fully swapped consciousness with her past life; leaping into the body of FRIDA LEHER, a white teenage woman from 1917 rural Germany and conversely Frida leaps into Pamela’s body in the present day.


Afraid and puzzled, Frida realises her skin is now black. Unaware she has travelled forward to the 21st century and into another person’s body, Frida still believes its 1917 and she is a victim of an advanced gas attack by the Allied Powers. Conversely, in 1917, finding herself by a river in a white teenagers body Pamela is wondering if this is a nightmare or the afterlife and why everyone speaks German!


Stuck in the past, Eric and Pamela are not aware of each other’s presence at first. Therefore, in the present, Amy and Pamela’s family are left to uncover the truth and find their loved ones. Regrettably, they attempt to fix what cannot be fixed and by the end of the proposed first season, although Eric’s consciousness does return to the present, Amy will have to get accustom to a very different version of him, and Eric will once again have to adjust to new body.

  • To find out more about the series please check out the official promo pitch here.

  • Flip through the first five pages of the Series Proposal below:

To obtain a full copy of the series format please contact Michael St. John Savva.


Look Before You Leap Series Format PDF
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