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Pamela Reed has recently transferred to work at St. Saviours hospital, gaining the responsibility of Senior Radiologist. With her feet barely on the ground and unaware of her new surroundings, she finds herself in a tangle. Exploited by Dr King to test the latest version of his Genii device, Pamela leaps into the body of Frida Leher, a white teenage woman from 1916 Germany and conversely Frida leaps into Pamela’s body in the present day.


Is this a nightmare or the afterlife? Why does everyone speak German? In a strange environment around a foreign family, Pamela attempts to comprehend it all; but is given no time when she is thrust into the reality of her new setting after a girl is injured, and she is compelled to assist using her knowledge of healthcare from the 21st century. 

It is up to her to find out how this knowledge will help her survive and get home to her family.


Eric, recently turned thirty and is yearning for a spark in his life and he finds it quite literally inside a bag the couple discover on the train. Inside the bag they find a hand held camera and various other peculiar items.


Eric delays handing the device into the authorities. Skipping work, he attempts to learn how to control it through trial and error. Becoming increasingly captivated, he convinces Amy to participate further. And as her interest and enjoyment of the device begins so does her fear of the unknown asking; what happens if the device attempts to re-live a moment before your birth? 


Beyond reasoning, Eric inadvertently does precisely what Amy had anticipated, incorrectly setting the device and accidentally swapping his consciousness with that of someone else. However unbeknownst to them both, Eric has swapped with one of his past re-incarnated states. Eric travels back to 1916 Russia into another body, and vice-versa the consciousness of KRISTOFF TOLYA, a Russian Military Vice Admiral, leaps into Eric’s body in the present day. 



A Theory on Space & the Time Travelling Neutrino. Dr King
A Theory on Space & the Time Travelling Neutrino. Dr King - Part 2
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