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TRANSMEDIA - Integrated Marketing Campaigns

This show is a show designed with social media in mind and thus has multiple opportunities for capturing and sustaining audiences. For examples of potential integrated campaigns and possibilities, please see the accompanying Transmedia PDF below.

Capitalising on the show’s cool expansive concept (consciousness swapping) and then putting it in the zeitgeist of technological trends and social media, makes Project LBYL the ideal concept at a pivotal time for potential cross platform storytelling.

The footage of Eric and Amy finding and using the device in the pilot becomes its own character in the first season. Episodes are a mix of fly-on-the wall drama with various hyper-reality shots intercut to tell the story. Whilst it is a show that does not look like any other adventure drama, it will evoke a familiar sense of environment and ambiance via use of hyper/performance or mock Cinéma Vérité. Audiences have a thirst for authenticity and that includes the presentation of fantastical situations in a naturalistic appearance. Through the dynamic use of practical lighting, hand-held cameras, CCTV, web/phone cam, interviews and drone footage, LBYL will feel like a real place, putting the viewer entirely in the moment, creating feelings of identity and ownership in characters.

Flip though the Transmedia Opportunities below:

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